The Post Office won’t accept my package because they say it is too heavy to ship First Class, what should I do?

BuyBackWorld Team
posted this on August 8, 2013, 13:04

We're sorry you experienced issues with your label. Unfortunately, you were misinformed by the USPS clerk you dealt with. The label we provide is a new service from the USPS which allows us to be charged at First Class rates up to one pound and then automatically convert to charge us at Priority Rates without any cost to you, the customer.


Currently, we are the 5th company in the US and the first company on the East Coast to offer this service from the USPS so we are extremely proud to be on the cutting edge of USPS technology. That being said, there is a slight lag time in getting the communication out to every single Post Office across the US so not all clerks have been made aware of this new service.


Simply drop your package off in a mailbox or give it to your friendly neighborhood mail carrier and there won't be any issues with your device reaching us.


At the bottom of each label is a message instructing the Postal Worker to process your package for shipment without delay per the instructions of the new shipping label rules.


Again, we apologize for the inconvenience and look forward to receiving your package so we can make selling your electronics as easy as possible.

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